Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption is a love letter to anyone who’s a fan of the open world genre. With tons of side activities and missions that can keep you engaged for weeks on end, the game has more than managed to shine through within a genre that, only weeks before release, seemed saturated and uninventive.

The game also features numerous easter eggs that are shown as random encounters. Let us look at a few that managed to capture our eye.

1. Ghosts

If you are someone like me, then the reviews must have gotten you excited for the area of Lemoyne, primarily because of the city of Saint Denis. Right when the world was open to us, we decided to go straight to Saint Denis. But in the Bluewater Marsh area, we began to hear voices in the woods. Keep in mind, the in-game time was around 2 am. After desperately trying to find the source of these noises, we came across a glowing white figure in the woods. But when we began closing in on the figure, it went away.


2. Town of Pleasance

The Lagras swamp houses a town that is deserted, with not even a single inhabitant to be seen anywhere. When looking around, there were phrases and words scribbled on many houses and buildings, one of which read “Stay Out Plague.” Although we can imagine that the town was cursed with the plague, what really went down in Pleasance is left to the gamers’ imagination since all that’s offered to us as solid evidence is a letter. Some also say that this is a reference to the Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare DLC.


3. Braithwaite family’s best-kept secret

A shack in a village that is west of the Braithwaite Manor, when approached will have voices and rantings that can be heard when you’re in the village itself. After going close to the shack, you’ll begin to hear the voice becoming louder than before. You’ll also get a hand reaching out to grab the player when it is examined. What the character inside the shack says is something extremely heartbreaking and leaving it here would spoil the game for many.



4. Serial Killer

This is a trope that we saw in another one of Rockstar’s masterpiece, GTA IV. When roaming the sceneries of New Hanover, you’ll come across grotesque and gruesome cadavers that are tied to random objects with only a half of their body present. When the surroundings are examined closely, you’ll find notes that act as clues. After piecing all the clues together, you’ll be able to confront the serial killer himself.